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  • Aegis USB2-EX Interface Board Image 1

Aegis USB2-EX for FCB-EX1020/P and FCB-EX-E Series of SD Block Cameras

Quick Overview

Digital progressive video output over USB2.0 high speed interface, Connects to Sony FCB-EX-E series camera blocks.

The Aegis USB2-EX is a small form factor module for formatting and converting generic digital video streams to standard compliant formats. Different interface standards are supported from the transmitter side including DVI/HDMI, VGA, HD-SDI, SDI and USB. The modules connect to the digital video interface of Sony’s FCB-H and FCB-EX-E block cameras and support several progressive and interlace HDTV or SDTV formats. As no analog to digital conversion is done on these modules, best image quality is guaranteed for the output signals.


  • Connects to Sony FCB-EX-E series camera blocks
  • Supports EX1020/P, EX995E/P, and EX490E/P
  • Connects to digital video interface of camera
  • Digital progressive video output over USB2.0 highspeed interface
  • Video output on mini USB type B connector
  • Video output 720x576p25 for PAL camera models
  • Video output 720x480p30 for NTSC camera models
  • Native digital signal processing chain for best image quality (no scaling)
  • Breakout of analog CVBS video
  • Serial control interface via USB2.0 or RS232
  • Device installs as COM port at PC
  • PC USB video driver support for WindowTM OS
  • WindowTM based AMCAP software for video capture
  • Supply voltage: 7V to 12V DC regulated
  • Specifications
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    Aegis USB2-EX
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