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Pleora's unique family of frame grabbers allows manufacturers to integrate any camera into any type of system with plug-and-play simplicity. Unlike traditional frame grabbers, Pleora's frame grabbers are external to PCs and do not require a peripheral card slot.

Manufacturers can integrate Pleora's external frame grabbers where they fit best – beside the camera, beside the PC, inside the system, or out. They are ideal for systems where control and analysis is handled by computing platforms with no space for traditional PCI frame grabbers, such as embedded processors, laptops, and tablets. Pleora can also provide custom features and offerings to meet unique system requirements.

All Pleora's external frame grabber products include eBUS™ SDK, a feature-rich application development toolkit for Windows and Linux. The eBUS SDK treats all camera interfaces the same way, simplifying multi-camera integration projects irrespective of which camera interface is employed or whether GigE, wireless or USB is used for video transport.

Plug almost any camera – including Camera Link™, LVDS, analog, Sony block – directly into one of Pleora's compact, field-proven external frame grabbers. With a few commands from the eBUS SDK the frame grabber will begin delivering video over GigE or USB 3.0 to almost any computing platform for processing and display.

Pleora's external frame grabbers and eBUS SDK comply with the GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, and GenICam™ standards.


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