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  • Tamron DF020N0 lens

Tamron DF020N0 HD Compact Zoom Lens

Quick Overview

IR Cut Filter and Hall-effect Sensor Iris

Development Concept The demand for mini-dome cameras has grown within the surveillance camera market, chiefly due to ease of installation and increased cost-performance. Higher quality has also become a requirement for the low-end 3" class mini-dome camera in recent years.

Previous mini-dome cameras have used Vari-Focal lenses that require manual zoom and focus adjustment. However, the need for more precise focus adjustment ability in Mega-Pixel class cameras has increased the amount of time and effort required during installation, creating a need for remote focus capability. The number of outdoor installations of mini-dome cameras has also increased, which has led to a greater need for remote zoom functionality. Tamron has developed a 2 Mega-Pixel/Full HD/IR compatible compact zoom lens to meet these needs. This new product delivers the convenience of a zoom lens in a size that fits the low-end mini-dome housing.

The zoom and focus can be remotely controlled using precision stepper motors, allowing implementation of continuous zoom and auto-focus functionality. The DC-iris is equipped with a Hall Effect sensor, providing position feedback to allow precise iris control. The integrated IR-cut filter switching mechanism can also be remotely controlled, allowing a smooth transition from day mode to night mode.


 Compact design that allows installation within 3" mini-dome cameras

The lenses feature a compact design that allows installation in low-end 3" mini-dome camera bodies, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of camera markets.

  • The wide-angle, standard 3.0-9mm type and medium telephoto 9-22mm type lenses are approximately the same size, which allows them to be used in mini-dome cameras that use common platforms.

  • 2 Mega-pixel/Full HD compatibility, 9-22mm medium telephoto range, and F/1.6 aperture (Model DF020)

  • The lens covers a 9-22mm medium telephoto range for both indoor and outdoor monitoring.

  • Tamron's proprietary optical design provides 2 mega-pixel/Full HD compatibility and high image quality from wide angles to telephoto ranges.

  • Compatible with remote control applications

    A Stepper motor is used for focus and zoom. A lead-screw type motor with minimal backlash has been used for remote control operations via networks, which allows accurate control of the focus and zoom.

  • 4. Maintains focus at night and under near-IR light conditions to deliver crystal clear image quality monitoring, 24-hours a day

    Optical aberrations are corrected for visible and near-IR wavelengths, providing sharp, clear video images even at night when a wide range of different wavelengths are present.

  • Structural design that provides space for the mounting of near-IR LEDs

  • 6. Peripheral resolution has been further improved compared to existing mega-pixel lenses

  • Image circle design that takes into consideration various CMOS sensor sizes

  • Environmentally - friendly design

  • Specifications


    Imager Size


    Focal Length


    Maximum Aperture


    Zoom Ratio

    x 2.4

    Angle of View

    Wide - 30.2° x 22.4° (Horizontal x Vertical)

    Angle of View

    Tele -  30.2° x 22.4° (Horizontal x Vertical)

    No Video available

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