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Schott Ringlight Adapters For unique microscope objectives

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Ring Light Adapter

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Schott Ringlight Adapters For unique microscope objectives.

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  • Made of black anodized aluminum.
  • In stock and ready to ship.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
Part No.
A08606 A08600 B&L Zoom 4 Screws into Objective
A08607 A08625 Leica SZ4/SZ6 w/ auxiliary lens Three Thumbscrews
A08608 A08625 Leica SZ4/SZ6 w/out auxiliary lens Screws into Objective
A08609 A08630 Leica SZ7 #6 - 32 Hex Set Screw
A08626 A08625 Olympus SZ Screw-on Retaining Ring
A08628 A08600/8620 SMZ 645/660 Screws on Objective
Specifications No
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