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RICOH C61244 1/2" (1680 mm) Motorized Zoom Lens

Quick Overview

55x Zoom Lens 12-1680mm Motorized Zoom & Focus Lens with Pre-Set; F 4.0-360 w/2.5x Extender, type 2; C-Mount

Motorized Zoom Lens. Super-Telephoto capability provides detection at over 4.5 miles. Preset circuitry easily matches high-performance surveillance. systems. High resolution optics compatible with C-mount 3CCD cameras. Ultra-High 137.5X Magnification with built-in optical 2.5X extender. RS232C Serial Communication option.



  • 55x Zoom Lens 
  • 12-1680mm Motorized Zoom & Focus Lens with Pre-Set; 
  • F 4.0-360 w/2.5x Extender, type 2; C-Mount

  • Applications:

  • Surveillance of vast areas
  • Homeland Security
  • Border Patrol
  • Specifications
    Format Size 1/2" Format
    Focal length 12~660mm(30.5~1,680mm)
    Max. Aperture Ratio 1:4.0(f=12mm)~18.2(f=1,680mm)
    Iris Range F4.0~360
    Mount C
    Horizontal Angle of View 1/4" Format 17.17~0.31°(6.76~0.12°)
    Horizontal Angle of View 1/3" Format 23.18~0.42°(9.03~0.16°)
    Horizontal Angle of View 1/2" Format 31.65~0.56°(12.06~0.22°
    Horizontal Angle of View 2/3" Format -
    Minimum Object Distance 6.0m
    Back Focal Length 8.99mm
    Filter Size 105 P=1.0mm
    Dimensions 55×138×355mm
    Iris Operation Video Iris with Override(with D/A converter)
    Response Speed of Video Iris(Close - Open) Approx. 1.5 sec.
    Speed of Focus (Near - Far) Approx. 4.5 sec
    Speed of Zoom (Wide - Tele) Approx. 4.5 sec.
    Weight 5,400g
    Comments without D/A converter option, RS232C Serial Communication option Atmospheric Interference Reduction(PAIR)option
    No Video available

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