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RICOH H20Z PAIR01 1/2" (20x) ZOOM PAIR Lens

Quick Overview

RICOH PAIR - PENTAX Atmospheric Interference Reduction

RICOH PAIR - RICOH Atmospheric Interference Reduction

RICOH Imaging Company has announced new technology to overcome the big challenges of the atmospheric interference of fog, snow, and haze in outdoor live security surveillance. RICOH Atmospheric Interference Reduction (PAIR) system technology offers newly developed image processing circuitry installed directly within PENTAX lens housings with specific step by step signal processing for each lens characteristic.



  • No image adjustment requirements
  • Real-time clear images available immediately after video switching with multiple cameras
  • Removable noise (graininess) that is caused by solid particles such as snow, smoke, or sand or by liquid particles such as fog and rain
  • Color image reproduction for more accurate information
  • Half the cost of dedicated devices such as image enhancers and/or element cancellation device
  • Autofocus 



  • Number Plates up to 100m
  • Accidents on Railroad Switches
  • Human faces up to 70m
  • Specifications
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    H20Z PAIR01
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