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Integral Technologies XPress Plus

Quick Overview

Multi-Channel, PCI Bus, Wavelet Video Capture and Compression Board.

First Line XPress Plus is a low-cost, PCI-bus, video capture and compression engine that combines the capabilities of fast switching, digital recording and viewing of video from up to eight cameras simultaneously. Video can be switched, controlled, digitized, stored,
recorded and played back in a variety of flexible options.


  •  Real-time digital video compression (8:1 to 200:1 & more)
  •  Fast video switching
  •  Video inputs: Composite & S-Video, NTSC, PAL
  •  Real-time video decompression & playback
  •  Software playback of video while continuing to record compressed video
  •  Video displayed on VGA monitor
  •  8 alarm inputs
  •  1 TTL alarm output
  •  1 alarm output
  •  Composite or S-Video output
  •  DSP controlled activity detection
  •  RS-485/RS-232 serial port
  •  Low-cost digital CCTV & time-lapse recording
  •  Installs into any Intelbased PCI system
  •  Software Developers Kit Windows 95, 98 & NT
  •  Easy to install, Microsoft Plug and Play
  •  FCC and CE Approved
  • Specifications
    First Line XPress Plus Overview
    •  PCI bus-mastering Wavelet video compression, decompression and
           capture board
    •  PCI bus rev 2.1 compliant
    Video Input
    •  8 composite inputs or 4 S-Video inputs, selectable through software control
    •  NTSC or PAL, software selectable
    •  CCIR-601 digitizing resolution
    •  Color and monochrome
    •  Genlocks to any NTSC/PAL video source
    •  Software control of brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
    •  24/16/15 bpp RGB or YUV 4:2:2 color digitization
    Video Output
    •  1 composite or S-Video output
    •  Real-time video decompression and playback
    •  NTSC or PAL, software selectable
    I/O Triggers and Controls
    •  8 input triggersÐsoftware definable combination of Normally Open or Normally Closed
    •  1 optically isolated output trigger (TTL or Opto)
    •  1 asynchronous serial port with RS-232 and RS-485 interface for pan, tilt, zoom
           and camera control

    Video Compression and Playback

    •  Wavelet compression ratios from 8:1 to 200:1 and higher
           (typical CCTV time-lapse application: 72 hours = 8 gigabytes)
    •  Software selectable compression ratios and frame rate for each input channel
    •  Full 30 fps video capture at full frame size from a single input source
    •  Variable compression ratio change for specific video inputs based on triggered events
    •  Software playback of video while simultaneously recording compressed video
    •  Live preview of video input during compression
    •  Video can be displayed full screen on an analog video monitor and in a resizable
           video window on a VGA monitor
    •  Fast random access to the recorded video
    •  Variable video playback rates (forward/backward)
    •  Supports any digital storage media

    Processing Control and Activity Detection

    •  On-board DSP
    •  Control of video inputs, compression ratios, activity and motion detection
    Software Developers Kit
    •  MS Windows 95, 98 and NT DLLs
    •  Extensive sample applications and source code
    •  First Line XPress XPG application source code
    •  First Line XPress XVCR application source code
    •  First Line VB-VCR Visual Basic source code
    Software Included
    •  MS Windows 95, 98 and NT drivers
    •  First Line XPress XPG video capture and I/O control application
    •  First Line XPress XVCR digital video compression application
    •  First Line XPress VB-VCR digital VCR application
    Physical and Environmental Parameters
    •  Small form factorÐ181mm x 107mm
    •  Low power consumption: 8.6W - 720 mA (5V), 420 mA (12V)
    •  Operating temperature: 0¡C to 70¡C
    •  CE and FCC approved
    Ordering Information
    •  XPress PlusÐpart # 3310
    •  XPress Software Developers KitÐpart # 3340
    •  Wide variety of standard and custom cables available
    No Video available

    Integral Technologies XPress Plus
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