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Integral Technologies FlashBus MV Plus

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PCI Video Frame Grabber

*Discontinued Recommended Replacement: dPict Aexeon

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Integral Technologies FlashBus MV Plus.

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Integral Technologies has broken new ground with the FlashBus MV Plus — a PCI video frame grabber giving high-speed access to video images.

The Integral FlashBus MV Plus is an amazingly affordable interface to a PC with multiple I/O triggers. And talk about seamless integration...

Maintaining the Integral tradition of excellence in both hardware and software, FlashBus MV Plus is easy to install and operate. Integral continues its industry-leading quest for full compatibility — this bus-mastering board works with nearly any machine.


  • Bus-Mastering Performance
  • On-board microcontroller, Programmable Intelligence
  • Software Developers Kit
  • Low cost
  • External Triggers



Video Throughput Performance
  • Full-size, full-speed video delivery to and from system or VGA memory
  • Full-bandwidth PCI bus master read and write (up to 132 MB)
Video Display
  • Video-in-a-window screen resolution to 640 x 480 (768 x 576 for PAL)
  • 24-, 16-, 15-bit video displayed on up to 1600 x 1200 VGA desktop
Analog Video Inputs
  • 6 composite, 3 S-Video
  • 25-pin connector
  • NTSC and PAL software selectable
I/O Control
  • 1 optically isolated output trigger for flash interface
  • 1 TTL input trigger
  • 1 TTL output trigger
Video Format
  • 24-, 16-, 15-bit RGB or YUV 4:2:2 software selectable
  • Y8 monochrome
RGB Video Pixel Format
  • 888 - 16.7 million colors
  • 565 - 65 thousand colors
  • 555 - 32 thousand colors
  • 8 - 256 level monochrome
Video Decoder
  • Accepts FlashBus MV Plus specifications NTSC and PAL, composite, and S-Video
  • Genlocks to any NTSC/PAL video source including cameras, VCRs, laser discs,
        and still video players
  • 24-, 16-, 15-, 8-bit video digitizing
  • Square pixel digitizing resolutions for NTSC (12.27 MHz at 640 x 480) and
        PAL (14.75 MHz at 768 x 576)
  • Digital control of offset, gain, brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation
  • EEPROM for storing configuration and calibration settings
Video Scaling Processor
  • High-quality still-frame video capture
  • Smooth, high-quality interpolated scaling is performed on video in X (horizontal) and
        Y (vertical) directions
  • Supports hardware cropping
External Camera Control
  • Software-controllable, optically isolated, universal strobe interface
  • On-board serial interface for camera or external device control
  • 12 volt DC fused power output, resettable and on/off control
Video Input Cable
  • Standard composite, S-Video, and RS-170 cables
  • Custom cables and connector pinout available upon request
  • A wide variety of standard and custom cables available.
        See our Cable Guide for more information.
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