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Hitachi KP-F120C Single CCD Color Progressive Scan Camera

Quick Overview

1392 x 1040 Effective Pixels, 2/3" interline CCD, C-Mount. 

Featuring a 2/3 inch 1.45 Million Pixel Progressive Scan CCD, the KP-F120 combines high resolution and high sensitivity with good spectral response. Useable in the Near IR range, the spectral response extends above 1000 nm. Providing a standard aspect ratio of 4 : 3 the CCD features square pixels. Through the use of advanced IC technology, the camera is able to provide a multitude of features in a compact size. A choice of digital output formats allows the camera to be tailored to the imaging system of the customers choosing. For use in high performance machine vision systems, the camera features a Frame-on-Demand mode that allows an image to be captured and output immediately following the use of a trigger pulse.For even higher frame rates the KP-F120 features a partial scan mode where the scan can start at the top or the center of the frame and continuefor the chosen number of lines (16H to 512H).

For ease of use, the KP-F120 has an RS-232C remote control port that allows remote control of all camera operating functions. The camera is available as the KP-F120 with a dual channel RS-644 (LVDS), with a CameraLink output, as the KP-F120CL, with a USB2.0 output , as the KP-F120USB, with a IEEE-1394 output, as the KP-F120F, or as a color version with a single channel 8 bit LVDS output as the KP-F120C.


  • 2/3" Near IR Megapixel Progressive Scan Camera
  • Analog Output and 10 Bit Dual Channel RS-644 Digital Output
  • 1.45 million pixels
  • RS-232 control
  • KP-F120-CL with CAMERA LINK output
  • 2/3 inch format 1392 x 1040 Progressive Scan Camera
  • CameraLink or LVDS output with 10 bits per pixel
  • 30 F/s normal, 120 F/s accelerated mode
  • Partial Scan Mode
  • Frame-on-Demand Mode
  • Remote Control for all Camera Functions


  • Industrial
  • Machine Vision
  • Low Light Applications
  • High Speed Image Processing
Imaging Device 2/3" interline CCD
Effective Pixels 1392(H) x 1040(V)
Pixel Pitch 6.45µm(H) x 6.45µm(V)
Imaging Area 8.98mm(H) x 6.71mm(V)
Scanning System Progressive
Sensitivity 400 lux f4.0 3200 k
Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
S/N 54db
Frame Rate 30F/s (full) to 120F/s (partial scan) LVDS / Camera
Link, 15F/s (full) to 120F/s (partial scan)
USB2.0 / IEEE-1394.
15F/s( (full) to 60 F/s (partial scan) KP-F120C.
H. Scan Freq. 32.07KHz
Synchronization Int. / Ext. Auto Switch
Lens Mount C-Mount
Flange Focal Distance 17.526mm
Video Output Digital output or analog for image checking.
Digital Outputs EIA-644 (LVDS dual channel 10 bits 28.8 MHz
EIA-644 (LVDS single channel 8 bits KP-F120C
USB2.0 (approx. 15 f/s)
IEEE-1394 (approx. 15 f/s)
External Sync Input HD/VD TTL level negative input
impedance: 10K ¿ Freq. ±0.0005%
Electronic Shutter External Switch Selection 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250,
1/1000, 1/2000, 1/10000, 1/50000 second
Frame-on-Demand Fixed Shutter, One Trigger, Two Trigger Modes
Partial Scan Mode Upper or Middle
16H, 32H, 64H, 128H, 256H, 512H
Trigger Polarity Selectable: positive / negative
Accelerated Mode 2 times @ 60 f/s, 4 times @ 120 f/s
2 times @ 30 f/s, 4 times @ 60 f/s KP-F120C
Gain Select 0 to 15 db in 1 db steps
Remote Control KP-F120 RS-232C using remote connector
KP-F120CL provided via Camera-Link
KP-F120USB provided via USB
Power Requirements 12 ± 1 VDC @ 400 ma.
Size (W x H X D) 58 x 58 x 48 mm
Weight 220 Grams
Ambient, Operating 0 to 40°C (+32 to 104F) less than 90% RH
No Video available
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