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Canon Vk-16 V.1.1 Network Video Recording Software

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Canon's VK-16 version 2.1 network video recording software is fully compatible with all of Canon's network video cameras, creating opportunities for both new and established security applications.

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Canon Vk-16 V.1.1 Network Video Recording Software.

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VK-16 Version 1.1 Network Video Recording software is a more affordable alternative to the VK-64 Version 1.1 software. You can record live video from up to 16 Network Cameras, with all the functionality of VK-64 software. Like VK-64 software, VK-16 features support for the VB-C50i and VB-C50iR Network Cameras, creating opportunities in both new and established security markets. Unlike tape-based recording, this solution allows video to be stored, managed, and accessed by a computer, for simplified archiving and playback. When used in combination with other Canon Network Video Solutions products, a security administrator has a powerful, comprehensive system for monitoring and recording.

Interface Makes VK-16 Fast and Easy To Use
Find, view and manage your network video with VK-16 Version 1.1 software -- through an interface that is as easy to use as the VK-64's. Drop-down menus let you select the location or zone you're looking for. Scroll bars let you find what you need in a flash. You can simply click-and-drag camera thumbnail images into the Viewing Area. Grab and drag the corner of an image to adjust its size. Use VCR-style video controls let you play, rewind, fast forward, or skip to events. With the VK-16's well-designed interface, nothing gets in the way of capturing, storing and retrieving the images you need.

Customizable Viewing Area
As with the VK-64-s viewing area, you can set up theVK-16's Viewing Area to show exactly what you need to see.

Simply select thumbnail video images from a number of cameras and drag them into the Viewing Area to create Video Windows. Then, size and arrange these Video Windows according to your specific requirements. You can fill your Viewing Area with as many Video Windows of equal size as you wish. Or, you can set up your Viewing Area to contain a single, large Video Window and a handful of smaller ones.

You have the added flexibility of Full Screen Function, which lets you enlarge your viewer layout so it is full screen. Plus, you have the option of hiding your timeline and camera selector areas when you need to maximize your viewing area.

VK-16 software lets you save Video Window layouts. Once they are saved, the Layout Sequence Function allows you to program layouts to switch automatically according to a schedule you specify. This function gives an operator great flexibility; for example, you can set up two layouts with 24 camera windows and switch back and forth between them according to the schedule you set up.

Customizable Operating Schedule
With VK-16 Version 1.1 software, you're in control of the operating schedule of all the cameras on your network. Set cameras to record continuously -- or by sensor event or motion detector event for scheduled periods. You can even set up special schedules for holidays and out-of-the-ordinary events that have different requirements. No matter what the calendar throws at you, the VK-16 can handle it.

Fast Retrieval of Archived Video
VK-16 Version 1.1 Network Video Recorder, makes finding a shot or an event as fast and easy as with the VK-64. The Viewer makes it easy for you to find what you're looking for in a variety of ways. You can do a search for a specific moment in time -- choose the day, hour, minute or second to find the right image. Or, effortlessly scroll through the Viewer Timeline to find and select the event you want. You can search through a list of recorded events catalogued in the Live Events window. You can even do a search by event type, priority of the event, the location/zone, or date and time. With all these options, the VK-64 is a powerful way to find the images you need when time is short.

Canon Image Quality
Getting the shot doesn't mean a thing if the image quality isn't good enough. That's why VK-16 Version 1.1 software enables video resolution as high as 160 x 480 pixels and a frame rate as high as 30 frames per second (depending on camera servers installed). Not only that, but video is captured using Motion JPEG compression. That means every frame is a complete picture -- free of any image degradation due to inter-frame compression. When you need the detail, you know it's there. 

Complete Camera Control
VK-16 Version 1.1 software gives you ultimate control over each of the cameras on your network. You can be sure image quality is as high as possible by adjusting the backlight compensation to the lighting conditions for each of your cameras. You can adjust each camera's sensitivity to motion -- and select the area within the picture where motion is to be detected. VK-16 camera contols even let you maximize your server storeage space by letting you set lower frame rates where feasible. And, with the Control by Camera Operation Panel that is next to each camera window, you can pan, tilt and zoom to make sure you're seeing everything you need to see.

Immediate Camera Control in Difficult Light Situations
With VK-16 Version 1.1, you can react quickly to difficult, low-light conditions. The software supports the low-light features of the VB-C50i and VB-C50iR (when connected to the VB150). From the camera window, the operator can activate Night Mode with or without the camera's IR light being on. Operators can also select 3 different levels of Back Light Compensation when they encounter an image that is too dark due to backlighting.

The operator can also use the software's Shade Correction function while monitoring live video or playing back recorded images. This function increases the brightness of shaded regions without affecting lighter regions, letting you see what you need to see.

Multiple Recording Modes
Match any requirement you have with a variety of recording modes. Continuous mode ensures that you capture all the action. A variety of different modes ensure that your cameras are recording when they're needed. 

These modes include:
pre/post alarm 

When setting more than one recording mode, you can also set a different resolution for each mode. 
(Available only with VB-C50i and VB-C50iR.) 

VK-16 Enables Affordable Video Network Growth
VK-16 software is more affordable than VK-64 and it can still support the growth of your video network by seamlessly integrating additional cameras, viewers and servers. You can record live video from up to 16 Canon network camera servers on one storage server. Or, manage up to 3 storage servers with one PC, for a total of 48 camera servers. 

Control Operator Access

User names and passwords ensure controlled access to your network system. And, as administrator, you can give operators access to live video but limit their access to certain Storage Servers. With VK-16 Version 1.1 software, everything's under control.

Network Viewing Software
CPU Pentium 4 2.2GHz or faster (Pentium4 3.4GHz or higher when using MPEG-4)
Operating System Windows XP Professional (SP2, SP3), Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP2), Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition (SP2), Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (SP1), Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition
Memory 1GB RAM or more
Hard Disk 1GB or more
Display 1024 x 768 or higher resolution for the effective display area
Sound Audio playback support is necessary for event notification alert sounds
Network Video Recording
CPU Pentium 4 2.2GHz or faster (Pentium4 3.4GHz or higher when using MPEG-4)
Operating System Windows XP Professional (SP2, SP3), Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (SP2), Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition (SP2), Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (SP1), Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition
Memory 1GB RAM or more. If using more than 48 Camera Servers, 1.5GB or more required
Hard Disk 20GB HDD or more, SCSI or IDE, NTFS formatted
Additional Comments The requirements for Storage Server will vary due to the operating environment (number of Camera Servers, setting of recording frame rate etc.). It is also dependent on pre-event recording settings.
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