VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM-Remote Viewing Monitors for 24/7/365 Operation

VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM

Two new Full HD (High Definition) LED IP Input monitors just debuted by ViewZ.

VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors have hit the ground running! While different in size, the VZ-215iPM is a 21.5 inches monitor, while the VZ-32iPM is 32″, they epitomize ViewZ’s commitment as an OEM manufacturer of Professional-Grade LCD and LED monitors, and emphasize their commitment to the design and manufacturing of commercial-grade, professional video monitors.

VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM Full HD LED IP Input Monitors from ViewZ
VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM Full HD LED IP Input Monitors from ViewZ

These technologically advanced, LED-backlit flat panel, widescreen “A” commercial-grade monitors are the ideal choice for superb image quality viewing. Designed for 24/7/365 operability and for mission-critical installations, they have 1920×1080 / 16:9 resolution, with initial Ethernet network transmitting at 10 and 100 Mbps (Megabits per second).

Both are designed with built-in Android Operating System, Version 5.1.1, to run Android applications, and have an RK3368 64bit Octa core Cortex A53 Central Processing Unit (CPU) with 2GB DDR3 of Random Access Memory (RAM). Besides their ability to remotely view 1 to 9 cameras, they also have the ability for sequential viewing. The VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors are truly a brilliant economical alternative to a standard PC (Personal Computer).

Easy to Use

Simplistic in operation, thanks to its onboard, embedded Android Operating System (OS)/ Ethernet 10/100, simply select an Android application to install, connect the monitor to your server or IP camera, and streaming live video is a snap.

Additionally, further interfaces include two USB 2.0 ports, as well as one Micro SD and one Micro USB port. Remarkably, with their built-in ViewZ app, over 8,000 Onvif Profile-S camera models are supported by the VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors, who also support available sequential and 9 channel viewing modes. Their auto power/source recovery feature reliably means valuable information nor time will be lost.

Both monitors have ample storage capacity, 8GB (Nano-flash) and external file storage for the Macro SD     is up to 32GB and for the USB 2.0 it is up to 2TB. Multiple video file formats are supported: MKV, WMV/VC-1 SP/MP/AP, MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4, RM, H.264, dat, RV 8/9/10, as well as video codec: H.264, MPEG4, RMVB, Xvid, Divx, H.264, VP8, WMV, HTML, FLASH. The  VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors also support image file formats of JPG, JPEG, MJPEG, and PNG.

An additional special feature of the VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors is there multi-lingual language compatibility in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Russian. Both monitors come with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor, and their warrantied MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) is approximately 50,000 hours, or a lengthy 5 years of service.

While similar, the VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors have differences.

And yes, their size is the most prominent one; 21.5 inches and 32 inches diagonally. The VZ-215iPM monitor’s contrast ratio is 1000:1, and has a viewing angle of 170° H/ 160° V, and 16.7 million color display pixels. Its  brightness is 250 cd/m² (typically), and it has a pixel pitch of 0.248 x 0.248 mm. The VZ-32iPM monitor in those same areas are: contrast ratio of 3000:1,  a viewing angle of 178° H/ 178° V, and the same 16.7 million in color display. Its  brightness is 350 cd/m² (typically), and it has a pixel pitch of 0.36375mm x 0.36375mm.

The VZ-215iPM 21.5” monitor is naturally lighter, weighing 9.5 pounds (4.3 kg), and is 20.3 x 15.4 x 7.2″ (51.5 x 39.0 x 18.4 cm) in size. Mounting solutions for this monitor include the VESA© 100 x 100 (included), plus compatible VZ-WM05, VZ-WM11, VZ-AM01 wall mounts, and the VZ-RMK 08 rack mount. IR remote control transmitter are supplied for both monitors. The 32″ VZ-32iPM  is 29.66″ x 19.12 ” x 7.09″ (753.4mm x 485.7mm x 180mm) in size, and weighs 33.07 pounds (15 kg) /to 38.14 pounds (17.3 kg). And because it is larger, the VZ-32iPM has the VESA© 200mm x 200mm / 4 x (M6 x 8) screws mount (included) mount, with additional compatible wall mount models VZ-AM02-A, VZ-WM50, and VZ-CM06, VZ-CM18, VZ-CMKiT-01, VZ-CMKit-02 corresponding ceiling mounts.

Contrast ratios also differ, the VZ-32iPM has a 3000:1 (VZ-215iPM‘s is 1000:1); Viewing Angle (H/V) 178°/178° ((VZ-215iPM‘s is 170°/160°); and has a response time of less than 12ms (the VZ-215iPM ‘s response time is less than 5ms). Its electrical rating consumption is AC100 – 240V (50/60Hz) 55W, versus the VZ-215iPm’s electrical rating of DC 12V, 3.3A (AC100 – 240 V(50/60Hz).

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. will fulfill your order request immediately for the new ViewZ VZ-215iPM and VZ-32iPM monitors. Stocking the newest-of-the-new, Aegis is dedicated to prompt fulfillment of orders, the rapid answering of technical questions, and delivering merchandise in the most expeditious manner.  Yours for the asking, make that call to Aegis Electronic Group NOW!

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