Videolarm offers anti-vandal security cameras and housings

Industrial security cameras found in high traffic areas are typically susceptible to vandalism. In order to deter such violence against industrial security cameras, manufacturers offer “anti-vandal camera housing”. Anti-Vandal security camera housing is constructed of die-cast aluminum and has an anti-vandal polycarbonate dome that withstands high impacts.

The housing is dust-proof, water resistant and shock proof, making an anti-vandal camera ideal for many applications including uses in: warehouses, parking lots, correctional facilities, power plants, banks, hotels, churches, stadiums, airports, bus terminals, schools, etc. Anti-vandal security camera housings are typically found in a mini-dome design due to their small, sleek design and virtually flush ceiling or wall mount appearance.

There are a couple ways of going about making a vandal resistant security camera. If you already own a camera then there is a chance housing units are available for purchase depending on the security camera owned. The second choice is to purchase the camera, housing and mounting as a set, based on your needs.

Industrial security cameras are available in a wide variety of combinations for a wide variety of applications. There are anti-vandal security cameras available for indoor only use, outdoor only or both. Cameras can be either fixed for one location or can have Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) capabilities. The dome housings are available in clear or tinted colors. Most security cameras are IP Network ready and some can be operated by remote control. Depending on the use, security cameras are available in color, black and white or both. Some have Night/Day camera capabilities while others have either one or the other.

A few examples of anti-vandal security camera housings available are; Videolarm’s IRM7TF, an IP Ready Indoor Tinted Vandal-Resistant Dome and the RHW75C2N is an IP Ready Vandal-Resistant Rugged Outdoor Dome model.

Depending on the direction one goes in terms of purchasing only the housing or purchasing a full anti-vandal security camera kit, customized housings are also available to meet the requirements for any application.

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