Tru-Vu SRMH-24R FHD Bright Sunlight Readable Monitor STUNS!

TRU-Vu SRMH-24R debuts as a remarkable addition to true TRU-Vu’s sunlight readable monitor collection.

TRU-Vu just announced a new addition to add to their SRM-24-MV sunlight readable series, the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R. This 24 inch, 1920 x 1080 (1080p/60) Full High Definition (FHD) sunlight readable (also called Hi-Brite or High Brightness) monitor is able to provide sharp, clear video images even with bright sunlight shining directly on the screen. Being LED backlit, readability on the screen is secured, even while in direct sunlight.

The sun brings us a variety of things.

It is one of the primary reasons that life exists on earth. It gives off light and heat, brings us vital vitamin D, makes the flowers grow, warms our planet and gives us those beautiful, enviable suntans in the summer. But what about when the sun’s influence isn’t a good thing? As in when a production video is captured, and then needs to be viewed on a monitor in the sun! Unfortunately, images on that monitor’s playback cannot be seen – until NOW!

TRU-Vu SRMH-24R Sunlight Readable Monitor
TRU-Vu SRMH-24R Sunlight Readable Monitor

The TRU-Vu SRMH-24R industrial-grade outdoor monitor sports a 24” MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) panel, with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Backlights, and has a generous viewing area of 20.91” x 11.47” (H) (531.36 x 298.9 mm). And because TRU-Vu only produces the best in monitors, it is housed in an ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) top-quality enclosure. ABS is universally known for its hardness, gloss, sturdiness, and electrical insulation properties.

Utilizing its 1,500 nits of brightness, the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R technically advanced monitor out ‘sees’ the competition. A typical laptop monitor has approximately 150-200 nits, with ‘nit’ being the unit of visible-light intensity used to specify the brightness of a cathode ray tube or liquid crystal display computer display. The higher the brightness, the more the user is able to see clear, vivid images. Even with bright sunlight directly on the screen, clear, well-defined images are displayed. Ideal for environments where indirect or reflected bright light is the norm, the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R monitor alleviates the problem of not being able to clearly see images on the screen. Designed with an Ambient Light Sensor (ALS), the monitor automatically adjusts its brightness, subject to environmental light conditions.

Unequivocal brightness!

With the ability to display 16.7 million colors, at a ratio of 16:9, the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R boasts a static contrast ratio of 3000:1. Offering a generous viewing angle of 178° (H) x 178° (V), the user can see images clearly from any angel. With a nimble response time of 25 ms (milliseconds) Trf, the SRMH-24R is compatible with VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort video inputs. Additionally helpful is its auto re-start feature after a power loss, which can be vital in one-of-a-kind video applications.

This industrial monitor has lockable OSD (On-Screen Display) controls via rear panel pushbuttons, and has optional dual audio speakers. The TRU-Vu SRMH-24R is 22.68” (W) x 13.55” (H) x 2.44”(D) (576.1 x 344.3 x 62.10 mm) in size, weighs 12.75 pounds (5.78 kg), and is shock resistant 50G (20 milliseconds, 1/2 sine). Mounting the monitor is by 100 x 100 mm / 200 x 100 Rear VESA mount holes, for the optional tabletop base. With its elective protective Anti-Reflective outer glass and Optical Bonding, internal reflections are eliminated, and contrast is enhanced. Offered with many optional abilities (touch screens, NEMA 4X waterproof enclosures, wall mount bracket, remote control, etc.) the monitor has the capacity for many customizable features.

Applications are numerous and varied

Suitable for military, sports stadiums, marine and mobile/portable surveillance systems, the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R monitor is also of prominent support to law enforcement, military, inspection and transportation applications where the need for direct sunlight viewing is essential. Military and Homeland Security project design wins have been credited to these monitors, as well as design wins with Medical OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Included with the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R monitor are VGA and DVI and audio cables, and an 90-240 VAC, as well as TRU-Vu’s full 3 year warranty.

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. has the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R monitor for the immediate purchase. This monitor excels with an exceptional graphic engine, that assures sharp images with bright, vivid colors. When the need arises for a monitor to coordinate with your camera, AND your application calls for viewing in direct sunlight, the TRU-Vu SRMH-24R monitor will and guide you into the next level of technological excellence!

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