TRU-Vu Unveils a 27″ Medical-Grade Touch Screen with Full HD Resolution

TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 Series monitor can be touched with a gloved hand!

TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27, a new medical touch-screen monitor that supports P-Cap (Projected-Cap) touch technology has just been released by TRU-Vu Monitors, Inc. This innovative advancement supports P-Cap (Projected-Cap) touch technology, allowing multi-touch (up to 10 simultaneous points) dual-finger operation, with a surgically gloved finger, or with a bare finger. This true time-saver for those operating the monitor in a hospital surgical suite application, defines modern progress.

UL 60601-1 Ver. 3 certified, this monitor attains medical electrical equipment safety standards. Meeting the stringent UL-60601-1 edition standards is nothing to take lightly. This certification ensures that the monitor has undergone the most current, arduous testing and evaluation.  The end result, is fulfillment of all requirements for UL Standard for Safety Medical Electrical Equipment – and the TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 Series are 27” Medical-Grade Projected Capacitive Touch Screen has this certification.

The TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 ‘s color, 27” LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Medical-Grade Touch Screen monitor has a solid glass front with a back-lit LED (Light Emitting Diode) USB touch interface panel. Having a smooth, TRU-Flat edge-to-edge glass front face without any distracting bezel, adds to its polished, contemporary look.

TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 Series Medical-Grade Touch Screen Monitor
TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 Series Medical-Grade Touch Screen Monitor

But don’t let its looks fool you!

Packed with features, this 16:9 widescreen medical display presents images in Full High Definition (FHD) 1920 x 1080 resolution. Easy to navigate with On Screen Display (OSD) controls located on the front of the panel, its integrated dual audio speakers are in the back. Its large viewable area is 23.53” W x 13.23” H (597.6 x 336.15mm), a generous observation screen. Exhibiting 16.7 million display colors, the monitor has strong brightness of 300 nits at 3,000:1 contrast ratio. It has a wide 178° x 178° viewing angle, with a 12 millisecond response time. Also, the TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 series of monitors are equipped with VGA, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort video inputs for full connectivity.

Impervious to any contaminates that monitors with bezels can get, the TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 monitor’s solid glass front panel is resistant to grease, dirt or moisture, and simple to keep clean. A convenient size at 25.5” W x 17.1” H x 2.63” D (647.6 x 434.3 x 66.8 mm), it weighs 20 pounds (9.07 kg), allowing the TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 monitor to be moved easily if need be.

Able to be tabletop mounted (tabletop base included), and also has accessible rear 100mm x 100mm/200 x 100mm VESA holes for wall mounting. Plug and Play simplicity and DDC1/2B compatibility, allow this TRU-Vu monitor to be ready not only for the operating room, but also for endoscopy, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) medical systems applications and industrial purposes.

TRU-Vu ensures that the MMZBTP-27 medical LCD surgical monitor arrives with a hospital grade green-dot power cord, tabletop base, VGA, audio and USB cables. Customization of the monitor is also available from TRU-Vu if necessary. The 3-year warranty is just a bonus!

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. has the ground-breaking MMZBTP-27  medical-grade touch screen monitor! Ready to assist consumers with any question, Aegis stands firm with their commitment for stellar service, with technologically knowledgeable assistance. Call them for your TRU-Vu MMZBTP-27 Series 27” Medical-Grade touch screen monitor now!

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