The Tatung 26” Public Viewing Monitor

Tatung Company of America is based in Long Beach California. Founded in the year 1972, Tatung has been at the forefront in the manufacture of cutting edge technology products. It has been providing technological solutions for usage in homes and in the commercial market for over 40 years and has established itself as a leading company in that industry. Having such an extensive track record, Tatung has expanded its market in order to be able to provide products that cater to the global standard.


Tatung offers a wide selection of world class commercially usable displays for applications in security. In addition to the displays, Tatung also offers test monitors for standard analog, HD analog and IP cameras. The video inputs for their monitors systems are HDMI, BNC in and out, and VGA. They have a number of sizes available for monitor displays ranging from 17” to 50” monitors, which also have the capacity to feature 1080p to even 4K quality display. They all have their desk stands and are VESA mountable. Featuring a sunlight readable screen, their monitors have also the facility of rechargeable built-in batteries which enable usage for hours on end. One of the products that Tatung offers, which can be considered the pride and joy of the company could arguably be the Tatung 26” Public View Monitor.

This product offers an all in one solution that can alert all customers and personnel of CCTV presence in the vicinity. This product has a 26” commercial level Light Emitting Diode panel that comes integrated with an AHD Wide Dynamic Camera. This extremely cheap and effective system can allow the customers to view themselves on the camera. Connecting the Tatung PVM to a DVR can enable recording entry and exit activities. This has always had usage in retails, loss prevention and customer awareness.

The Public View Monitor boasts a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels within its 26 inch screen. The screen mode it operates on is WXGA and has a viewing angle of 89 degrees from whichever side it is being viewed. The viewable size on the PVM monitor is 575.769 mm by 323.712 mm with a dot pitch of 0.4215 mm by 0.4215 mm.

This product has been in high demand for its extensive capabilities for usage for day to day security solutions and Tatung has obliged. This PVM 26” is now back for usage by the masses, with an enhanced built-in camera which makes for more effective utility in security purposes and it is much cheaper than it was before. The model is now available again in the market with the options of either black color (Model number: TLM-2601PVM-B) or the white color (Model Number: TLM-2601PVM-W) with the added option of a 24v power supply.

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