The Super Center of Industrial Imaging

A Smorgasbord of Lenses

Do you remember the first time you walked into a super center, a superstore, or a mega store? All the variety ready to be placed in your cart and brought home for your enjoyment. Today, we have seen the growth of these “mega stores,” offering everything from gas tanks to groceries. The one-stop-shop has become so much more than just convenience. It has become an integral part of our lives. Humanity wants choices centrally located and easily accessible. RICOH is providing the industrial imaging industry with a multitude of centrally located lens choices for machine vision applications. OEMs, Resellers, and Integrators in the industrial imaging sectors have a one stop shop partner in Aegis Electronic Group, Inc., your RICOH navigators.

Master Distributor

As mentioned in a May 5th, 2017 press release (, Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. has been an elite distributor of Ricoh Industrialized Solutions products in North America. In April 2017 Ricoh announced a realignment of their lens division. We are proud to announce Aegis has been selected to continue as a master distributor for the Ricoh Factory Automation (FA) line.-RICOH

What does this mean for you?

As an Aegis client not only will you have a mega selection of industrial lenses, but you will also  have 29 years of industry experience to assist on your projects. Anyone can sell you lenses, but few can give you a seamless experience.

Why purchase RICOH?

The sheer variety of lenses RICOH offers is staggering. RICOH’s machine vision line-up, the FA(Factory Automation) Lens Line-UP, manages each resolution level 9MP, 5MP, 2MP, Line Scan, U.V., and VGA. The RICOH FL Series provides an extensive line of high-performance lenses with different focal lengths and sensor sizes. Years of experience have brought RICOH to the forefront of lens production. RICOH’s Value Statement reads, “To be one global company, we must care about people, our profession, our society, and our planet. We must dedicate our winning spirit, innovation, and teamwork to sharpen our customer centric focus, and we also must commit to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.” RICOH’s dedication to ethics and integrity has spurred on some of the most innovative imaging tools for your applications.

RICOH Sounds Great? But Why Aegis?

Aegis is a stocking distributor with a broad range of Ricoh products that vary from different mounts, resolutions, and lenses. Ricoh’s FL series will enhance even higher production efficiency and reliability. Aegis offers Blanket Purchase Order (PO) options to their valued customers as well as Just In Time (JIT) capabilities. Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.’s 29 years of industrial imaging experience provides seamless transitions to RICOH product integration.

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