Sony XCG-ITS GigE Series Camera 2011 Projections

Reinventing an existing line of machine vision cameras is not an easy task.  True to form, Sony, who is always ahead of the curve, is developing innovative additions to their XCG-ITS GigE (Gigabit Ethernet Cameras) Machine Vision camera collection. Significant attention is being given to the collection of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), automated Traffic Management Systems, Electronic Toll (ETC), Public Vehicle Transportation Systems (PVTMS), and License plate recognition cameras.

The Sony GigE Series is now offered in black and white. The foremost feature change in the projected series is that these new cameras will be offered in color versions of product lines.   Additional features include:

A 2.8MP Black and White and Color GigE cameras is projected for the first quarter in 2011.  Samples of this camera will soon become available.

A 6MP Black and White and Color GigE cameras Projected is for the fourth quarter in 2011. Additional information will become available as camera availability draws nearer.

Both of these additions will include:

  • Time and date stamp
  • Back focus
  • DC Auto-Iris connector
  • Power terminal
  • I/O terminal
  • No 12 pin Hirose


Continuing on the cutting edge of camera technology, Sony is projecting 2012 will see the evolution of additional models for the XCG Intelligent Traffic System series. These new additions will enlarge and enhance Sony’s remarkable machine vision camera line up.

As a direct distributor camera for Sony cameras, Aegis Electronic Group, Inc is committed to delivering value added solutions with the highest levels of technical support, customer service and quality hardware.  Aegis Electronic Group, Inc, has, over the last 20 years, transformed themselves from a hardware provider into a full systems integrator of industrial analog and industrial digital camera systems.

Gail De Salvo

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc

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