Sony SPIFF for Select SRG and BRC Cameras!

So tell me, who doesn’t love to get money back on something as amazing as Sony’s SRG and BRC PTZ cameras?

Sony SPIFF comes to the Sony SRG and CRC cameras lines! Sony SRG remote PTZ cameras make it easy to acquire perfectly detailed video at Full High Definition (HD) resolution. Their small size, quiet mechanisms and the ability to virtually disappear when installed, allow them to be a discreet surveillance tool. With rapid PTZ control and formidable zoom, coupled with their wide viewing angle, make it possible for the entire room and all in the room, to be recorded easily. With numerous available outputs, these talented cameras are able to stream footage over IP networks, and, record at the same time – an ideal combination when recording in medical lectures, virtual meetings, webcasts, video conferencing and corporate presentations. The end result is picture quality with video excellence better than most webcam productions, with enhanced sensitivity and delightful contrast for an expertly finished appearance.

Sony SRG Models

The Sony SRG-120DH, SRG-120DU and SRG-120DS Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) desktop video cameras, have high image quality thanks to their 1/2.8-type Exmor™ CMOS sensor, with Full HD (1920 x 1080) picture quality. Incorporating XDNR™ technology, noise is reduced and images are well-defined in moving and still objects, even in low-light environments, features also found in the SRG-120DU and SRG-120DS cameras.

Sony SRG-120DH
Sony SRG-120DH

With a View-DR (Wide Dynamic Range) processor assisting its operation in the most severe lighting conditions, the SRG-120DH, SRG-120DU and SRG-120DS also have industry established VISCA™ protocol and built-in IP control.

All three cameras have a 71 degree field of view, as well as 12x optical/12x digital zoom auto focus lens, allowing these cameras to be the perfect for small to mid-sized rooms. Their quiet and smooth-running movements allow them to be perfect in healthcare training, remote education, telemedicine, videoconferencing, and monitoring environments.


AEGIS ELECTRONIC GROUP, INC. is pleased to offer the following 3rd Party End-User Sony SPIFF for specific SGR and BRC Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) models from April 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017.

Participating Sony cameras include:

PRODUCT                               DESCRIPTION                                                                                   SPIFF AMOUNT

  • SRG-120DH        12x HD PTZ Desktop Camera (Silver HDMI, Built-in IP Control)                $25.00
  • SRG-120DU        12x HD PTZ Desktop Camera (Silver USB 3.0, Built-in IP Control)             $25.00
  • SRG-120DS         12x HD PTZ Desktop Camera (Silver, 3G-SDI, Built in IP Control)             $25.00
  • SRG-300H           30x HD PTZ Camera/Black (HDMI, Built-in IP Control)                              $50.00
  • SRG-300H/W     30x HD PTZ Camera/White (HDMI, Built-in IP Control)                             $50.00
  • SRG-300SE         30x HD PTZ Camera/Black (3G-SD1 & Live IP Stream)                                 $50.00
  • SRG-300SE/W   30x HD PTZ Camera/White (3G-SD1 & Live IP Stream)                                $50.00
  • SRG-360SHE      30x HD PTZ Camera (3G-SDI, PoE+ & Live IP Stream)                                 $75.00
  • BRC-H900          14x 3CMOS HD PTZ Camera                                                                                  $75.00
  • BRCH800/1        12x HD PTZ Camera (Clear Image Zoom Technology/PoE+)                         $75.00
  • BRC-X1000/1     12x 4K/HD PTZ Camera (Clear Image Zoom Technology/PoE+)                  $75.00

*SRG & BRC EZ-2-Connect packages are excluded from this promotion.

Now how do you get the Sony SPIFF you ask?

Receiving the Sony SPIFF is simple … just purchase the listed Sony camera from Aegis, conform to the simple SPIFF Claim Process, and the SPIFF money is yours!

The Sony SPIFF Claim Process:

  1. Go to
  2. If not enrolled, complete a SPIFF Program Enrollment Form by following the enroll link from the login page. The sales rep will receive login credentials following successful enrollment.
  3. Find this Bulletin name under “Bulletins.” Click on “Claim.”
  4. Complete the online claim form and hit the “Submit” button to process the submission. The processed claim should now have a claim number. If the salesperson’s claim has been rejected, refer to “Claim Dispute” below.
  5. Print a copy of the Claim Confirmation Page and send it with a copy of the original sales invoice. Backup paperwork must be submitted via one of the following methods:
  • Upload the documentation to the Program Connection website.
  • Fax to: 1.888.437.1923
  • Mail to:
    Your Sony Program Connection
    Reward Headquarters
    PO BOX 42012
    Hazelwood, MO, 63042-1012


All claims for the selected promotion must be submitted by the Reseller online at Below are the Sony SPIFF quarterly claim deadlines:

 For invoices dated between: 4/1/2017 – 6/30/2017

 Q1 Submission Deadline (claim & paperwork): 8/15/2017

For invoices dated between: 7/1/2017 – 9/30/2017

Q2 Submission Deadline (claim & paperwork): 11/15/2017

For invoices dated between: 10/1/2017 – 12/31/2017

Q3 Submission Deadline (claim & paperwork): 2/15/2018

For invoices dated between: 1/1/2018 – 3/31/2018

Q4 Submission Deadline (claim & paperwork): 5/15/2018

The BRC-900, BRC-H800/1 and BRC-X1000/1 join the party!

Sony’s BRC series of robotic PTZ cameras are history making! Sony’s HD PTZ BRC-H900 camera sports a 1/2-type Exmor 3 CMOS imaging sensor that produces outstandingly high picture quality, delivering everything live production applications need. Designed with flexibility, the BRC-H900 remote control camera has control options: VISCA RS-232C/RS-422 or IP control (10Base-T/100Base-TX /Auto). If used with the multi-function Sony RM-IP10 IP Remote Commander® unit and BRBK-IP10 board (required), the camera can be operated via an IP network for flexible configuration; and using the controller and board, the camera can accommodate up to 112 BRC cameras installations and up to five RM-IP10 controllers – AND, it can be daisy chained up to 7 units.

Sony BRC-H800 HD PTZ Camera
Sony BRC-H800 HD PTZ Camera

With a pan angle of -170 to + 170 degrees and tilt angle of -30 to +90 degrees, its pan/tilt speed is 0.22 to 60 degrees. Able to be both desktop and ceiling mounted, it can be used with a tripod for mobile, live events, and has image stabilization for reduced vibration. Ideal On Screen Display (OSD), 16 preset positions, and the BRC-H900 has two tally lamps for broader visibility – one on the front and one on the back. With a 14x Optical Zoom lens (1080/59.58i), it is able to operate effectively in 4 lx (50 IRE, F1.9, +24 dB) minimum illumination, allowing this camera to perform perfectly in challenging lighting applications.

The forward-thinking BRC-H900 is the ideal camera for surveillance, security, meetings, broadcasting and remote viewing.

Sony BRC-H800 12x Optical Zoom HD PTZ remote camera melds perfect broadcast picture quality with the quiet and smooth PTZ function of 3G-SDI and HDMI connections. With its 1-inch type Exmor R CMOS imaging sensor, perfectly sharp, low-noise Full HD images at 60p, are captured. Its excellent low-light sensitivity allows the camera the ability to record in applications where visible light is at a minimum. With its unattended operation, this powerful robotic camera goes together with other broadcast cameras, recording video in hard-to-reach or unobtrusive positions. Its quiet 12x optical zoom adapts to wide-angle scenes as well as tightly framed close-ups. The BRC-H800 has Clear Image Zoom 24x (HD), which increases this range even more, all without visible loss of resolution.

For broadcast applications the BRC-800 has dual tally lights for on-air operation, and with its operational flexibility, it can be optionally mounted on the ceiling, table top or a tripod. As well as a selection of video interfaces and remote control potential, the Sony BRC-800 also has support for PoE+ and genlock, allowing a smooth addition to into any broadcast, professional or corporate AV environment.

The BRC-X1000 is the Sony’s first 4K HD remote camera. With a combination of ideal broadcast picture quality and smooth, silent PTZ operation, it also has the flexibility of 3G-SDI and HDMI connections. With a 1-inch type back-illuminated Exmor® R CMOS image sensor, and image processor together with a 12x optical zoom Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens fabulous video quality is a given. The detailed, uncompromised 4K footage is acquired at 30p, with four times the pixel count of Full HD, and excellent low-light sensitivity.

Sony BRC-X1000 4K Remote Camera
Sony BRC-X1000 4K Remote Camera

The BRC-X1000 and BRC-800 are similar in many ways:

  • Enhanced Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) operation
  • Cinematic 24p pictures*
  • Flexible installation
  • Remote operation
  • Genlock
  • Versatile video outputs
  • Front and rear tally lamps

Both theBRC-X1000 and BRC-H800 include key features assisting in integration for installers and broadcast engineers. These include:

  • PoE+ Support (less cables)
  • Genlock Support
  • LAN – VISCA over IP Control
  • RS422 Serial VISCA Support
  • Dual link 3G-SDI x4 (BRC-X1000); 3G-SDI x2 (BRC-H800)
  • HDMI

Installations for these two cameras include live sports activities, professional broadcasting, in auditoriums and courtrooms.

This Sony SPIFF promotion is only available from April 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017.

Purchase these amazing Sony cameras and earn money while you do! Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. awaits your call – take advantage of this seldom offered, beneficial Sony SPIFF offer ASAP!


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