Sony RMIP500/1 PTZ Camera Controller/Customizable, Intuitive, Responsive

Command and control PTZ cameras with Sony’s new RM-IP500 (RMIP500) controller, A ready to use, compact, and adaptable PTZ camera controller designed to work cohesively with Sony’s new BRC-H800, BRC-H900, BRC-X1000, and SRG-360SHE PTZ cameras.

The RM-IP1500’s board has a simple layout for ease of use. The layout includes areas that control camera color, control the camera lens, pre-select buttons, camera select buttons, and a menu screen. The controller also features selectable zoom control through the PTZ joystick or the seesaw lever. This feature allows two-handed pan, tilt, and zoom camera control for the less experienced PTZ camera operator. The controller enables PTZ preset functions at the push of a button. The pan, tilt, and zoom movement are smooth and responsive for live events to conference halls, broadcast studios, education institutes and houses of worship.

The camera controller is capable of operating ten groups of ten cameras totaling 100 cameras per controller via IP. The RM-IP500 offers a plethora of control signal formats and control options including RS-422 and VISCA over IP. The VISCA control allows for five controllers to operate on one network. System set-up is quick and simple, with automatic IP address assignment of connected cameras and auto-assignment of camera numbers. Operators do not have to use utility software or pc’s.

The remote control also offers several other features including Trace Memory, store and recall camera presets, red/blue/white balance button, and a master black button. The Trace Memory is a sequence of camera moves that can be stored for instant recall whenever required. The RM-IP500 stores up to 100 presets via numeric keypad, saving time in multiple camera set-ups.

Sony’s new PTZ camera controller is made to operate with the stellar PTZ line-up Sony brings to the table, including the BRC-H800, BRC-H900, BRC-X1000, and SRG-360SHE cameras as mentioned above. If you are interested in these products, click the link below.

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