Sony EVID Series For All Your Needs

Sony has been bringing houses of worship into homes for decades with their exceptional PTZ cameras. The Sony EVID series offers a complete line up. The EVID series consist of Sony’s EVI-D70 (EVID70), EVI-D80 (EVID80), EVI-D90 (EVID90), EVI-D100 (EVID100). Each camera is pan tilt, zoom (PTZ) ready, has six preset positions, and uses the Sony VISCA protocol via RS-232 and RS-422 (except the EVI-D100 RS-232 only).


The EVI-D70 is an 18x optical zoom video conferencing analog camera with fast pan and tilt movement that are ideal for remote shooting applications such as spacious conference halls. This camera combines a high quality 1/4 type EXview HAD™ CCD imaging device all in a compact easy-to-use package.

Protecting your investment is a top priority. The EVID70 cameras have proven to be durable and operate in several conditions even without a dome. However, just in case that extra layer of protection is needed the Sony EVIRD7-Indoor vandal resistant (durable cast aluminum), pendant mount (1.5″ npt), tinted dome housing with RCA male to BNC patch cable, and mounting bracket is an excellent option. Not only is the EVIRD7 vandal resistant, its tinted dome does not reveal the camera’s pointing direction allowing for even more discretion.

The EVI-D80 is 18x optical zoom, ceiling mountable pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera features interlaced and progressive scan modes. The E-Flip function allows for more flexible design-in options helping achieve perfect shots for videoconferencing, house of worship, distance learning, and telemedicine.

The EVI-D90 model is the first NTSC 28x optical zoom model and has an added feature of the Wide-D function that protects against blocked shadows and blown highlights. This camera performs best in the shifting lights of houses of worship, sporting events, as well as the subtle lighting in dim conference rooms.

The EVI-D100 is a high-quality CCD camera that combines a high-speed, quiet pan/tilt with a wide-angle view and 10x optical zoom (40x digital). It also includes auto focus and automatic exposure control with back light compensation that are fast and stable easily coping with difficult lighting conditions such as courtrooms, concert halls, and houses of worship. This camera offers the most attractive price, the lowest in Sony’s PTZ line up.

The EVID line-up provides some of the best pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ camera) imaging options available today. Consider using these excellent Sony PTZ cameras for your broadcast, conference room, corporate training, distance learning, remote monitoring, sporting events, house of worship and videoconferencing applications.

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