Sony BRC-H800 Full HD Remote Video Camera Excels in Silent PTZ Operation

Sony BRC-H800 camera combines technical knowledge, and the ability to utilize their proprietary back illuminated 1-inch Exmor® R CMOS image sensor with PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) to continuously raise the bar higher.

Introducing the new Sony BRC-H800 Full High Definition (FHD), Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera. With RS-422(VISCA) / VISCA over IP camera control interface, the BCR-H800 has a video output of 3G-SDI x2 and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). Producing unshakable broadcast quality picture, FHD images at 60p, the BRC-H800 is able to capture sports and fast-moving action applications with its smooth, silent PTZ operation. This, while combining the flexibility of 3G-SDI and HDMI connections.

Sony BRC-H800 HD PTZ Camera
Sony BRC-H800 HD PTZ Camera

Equipped with an exceptional digital processor, and optically superior 12x optical zoom Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens, allows the Sony BRC-H800 Clear Image Zoom capabilities to 24x in HD – and permits enlargement of the image while maintaining its original image quality. This development brings video-graphic creativity to a new high when shooting in 4K 24p, and allows the formation of stunning ‘bokeh’ effects in photos. This Japanese word for ‘blur’ or ‘haze’ produces the imaginative and stunning visual quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph. With uncomplicated and adaptable installation, the BRC-H800 is able to maintain PoE+ (Power-over-Ethernet) and transmit IP control and power over a single connection cable.

A powerful robotic camera

And, while the Sony BRC-H800 was created for unattended operation, it is the perfect counterpart in assisting multiple broadcast cameras for obtaining images in difficult to reach applications. With its remote operation, the need for a cameraman is eliminated, resulting in cost-savings. Not only that, but the BRC-H800 is talented enough to be utilized with several cameras, all controlled with one operator. Sustaining up to 16 preset positions, the operator is able to easily transition between speaker-to-speaker presenting on a podium, or a presenter walking in a predetermined path.

Additional specialized camera movements include gliding up, down and across from close-up to wide shots, control zoom speed. When more complex camera changes are required, the Sony BRC-H800 can be pre-programmed with state-of-the-art control features as in Trace Memory and PTZ Motion Sync for further adaptation. PTZ and additional camera settings can be controlled using the supplied IR remote commander, as well as the optional RM-IP10 Remote Control Unit that can control multiple cameras.

The BRC-H800 was born for greatness

With its advanced PTZ abilities and quiet remote control capabilities, it can re-frame subject views and track moving subjects swiftly, and effortlessly. Its PTZ Trace Memory feature permits camera progress to be memorized, and then recalled whenever required. When the merging of single PTZ movements are required, the BRC-H800’s PTZ Motion Sync feature quickly accomplishes this task. The result are uniform and professional-looking transitions. Additionally, cinematic 24p pictures are produced when the camera operates in 24p mode, producing video footage with a rich, movie-like look. Using its high sensitivity 1.7 lx minimum illumination, amount of available light available is not a problem.

The camera’s Genlock (generator locking) feature synchronizes several television picture sources, streamlining integration with other systems in multi-camera broadcast or AV environments. And its camera body front and rear tally lamps make the camera seamless for on-air broadcast use. Utilizing fine-tuning simplification, the brightness of the front tally lamp can be adjusted in just two steps.

Let’s get down to specifics: the Sony BRC-H800 is approximately 7.72” W x 10.12” H x 9.37” D (198 x 260 x 238mm) without projecting object, and weighs approximately 9 pounds, 7.7 ounces (4.3kg). It has both an automatic and manual focusing system, and gain (-3dB to +33dB). With roughly 1420 Megapixels at its disposal, picture clarity is not an issue. Its horizontal wide end viewing angle is 64.6°, and several white balance choices (Auto1/Auto2/One Push/Indoor/Outdoor/Manual), and exposure control selections (Auto, Manual, Priority mode [shutter priority, iris priority, and gain priority], EV compensation, back light, spot light). It’s Pan and Tilt capabilities include a Pan: ±170° angle and Tilt: +90°/-30° angle, with equally effective Pan and Tilt speeds (Pan: 0.3 to 60 per second and Tilt: 0.3 to 60 per second).

The Sony BRC-H800 HD PTZ camera excels in operation where other camera’s sophistication has not yet reached. With the ability to consistently upgrade its technological advances, this camera’s functionality and performance advances can be added via firmware updates over IP. Able to be mounted on a ceiling or desktop, the BRC-H800 is a new, indispensable tool when recording in auditoriums, houses of worship, remote studios and on-air suites, as well as courtrooms and of course, sports stadiums. Versatile with unlimited possibilities!

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