Sony Adds 4K To It’s BRC Series PTZ Camera Lineup

They Did It Again!!!

Hello, my name is Jason Jones, and I am the Marketing Manager at Aegis Electronic Group Inc. I am writing my very first blog, so please excuse me if I have not figured it out at the moment. I determined it was important for me to introduce myself because of my relative newness in the analog and digital imaging industry. I am at heart a student of sustainability which has led to a position in marketing with Aegis Electric Group Inc. I am very excited to grow and learn in our community. Additionally, I am developing content videos for a few of our products. Here is an example of my emerging content/voice over skills.

Anyway, I just wanted a small introduction so you can get to know me. Now back to the important happenings in the analog and digital imaging industry. Now, who did what again?

Sony has worked their magic again by developing the BRCX1000 (BRC-X1000) 4K PTZ camera. The BRCX1000 is Sony’s first 4K robotic camera that merges the uncompromising 4K broadcast quality video and the flexibility of 3G-SDI and HDMI connections. The camera includes the 1-inch Type Exmor R CMOS image sensor that contains approximately 1,420 megapixels and 12x zoom. The 1-inch Type, Exmor R CMOS sensor, is Sony’s latest sensor and is the best way to get the light to the receptor that performs astonishingly in TV newsrooms, remote studios and on-air suites, auditoriums, houses of worship, courtrooms or sports stadiums. The back-illuminated device captures detail-packed 4K footage at 30P with four times the pixel count of Full HD, including remarkable low-light sensitivity. If you’re an artist, you will love the large image sensor that allows for the creation of beautiful “bokeh” effects with a shallow depth of field to suit any artistic mounting. The 1-inch Type, Exmor R CMOS sensor, is the star of the show taking Sony’s BRCX1000 4K pan, tilt, zoom camera to another level.

Work in the broadcast industry? If so, consider incorporating the BRCX1000 into your 4K PTZ robotic camera lineup. I watch movies and wonder how did they shoot that? I can only imagine through years of schooling and experience do film crews get those wow shots we see in today’s Movies and television broadcast. The BRCX1000 is a compact and powerful robotic camera that can capture images in hard to reach or unobtrusive positions. Here is a look at the BRCX1000’s front and back.

The camera comes equipped with dual tally lights that are perfect for broadcast environments. The remote operation of the camera accommodates a multi-camera set-up controlled by one operator. Here is a short video covering more of the BRCX1000 features.

The Sony BRCX1000 is the next step in the 4K remote PTZ camera line-up and one of the best options when you need a 4K PTZ, robotic, broadcast camera for your remote environments. Thanks for reading – Jason Jones

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