RICOH FL-BC2518-9M Lens: High Resolution Imaging in a Compact Size

The RICOH FA lens series have become integral to quality control inspections. They provide high resolution and contrast imaging that zeroes in on the most delicate, hairline details of industrial productions, food and medicinal items, and electronic substrate applications. Designed to withstand tough environmental elements, they’re the necessary components to accurately checking ingredients, materials, and facilities, for defects, errors, and traces of contamination. Today’s spotlight is on the FL-BC2518-9M (25mm), which is another great addition to this line of machine vision tools.



Advantages of the FL-BC2518-9M



The FL-BC2518-9M utilizes a resolution to effectively span across a product’s surface, from center to periphery. The floating mechanism minimizes distortion, so the outermost shots are as clear as the ones closest to the eye. Additionally, this C-Mount lens has iris and focus lock screws to maintain steady 1” format capturing, features terrific horizontal angle views, only weighs 149g, and measures 42mm x 57.5 mm, and withstands a temperature range of -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F).


IMX253 Enhancement

 Compatibility with 4-12 MP cameras is definitely another appealing benefit of this lens. Imagine how impeccable the imaging results are, with it mounted to an IMX253 sensor, and showing you if any product detail needs to be corrected. At a 1.1 format, there’s no vignetting to potentially skew interpretations, and should the item be accidentally moved while shooting, the lenses can still crisply hone in on details. It’s the kind of stand-out capability that’s critical for quality assurance and consumer safety.

Furthermore, it’s a vital accessory for amplifying intelligent traffic sensors. This technology requires reliable, top-notch equipment that delivers critical data, capacities for which the RICOH FL-BC2518-9M smoothly and expertly conveys.


Exceptional RICOH FL-BC2518-9M Features

As with the FL-BC7528-9M 75mm and FL-BC3518-9M 35mm, RICOH has created an exceptional option for the industrial sector. The FL-BC2518-9M is a valuable addition to creating research and review photographs, with outstanding highlights that include:


  • 1:1.8 maximum aperture rate
  • 14.1mm back focal length
  • Manual 1.8~16 iris range
  • 0.1m minimum object distance
  • 40.5 P = 0.5mm filter size
  • Focus and iris lock screws for additional stability
  • 1” format
  • Low distortion from center to periphery
  • 5.9mm immersion depth
  • C-Mount design
  • 25mm focal length
  • 42mm x 57.5 mm dimensions
  • 149g (5.3 ounces) weight
  • Horizontal angles views of 11° with 1/3” format, 14.6° for 1/2” format, 16.4° for 1/1.8” format, 20° for 2/3” format, and 28.8° for 1” format
  • Withstands -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
  • Works with 4-12-megapixel cameras


Improve and Ensure Inspections with the RICOH FL-BC2518-9M

As a leading retailer of the best photographic and hardware equipment for machine vision, medical, scientific, and traffic technologies, Aegis Electronic is proud to include the RICOH FL-BC2518-9M (25mm) in our inventory. Whether used in conjunction with the other RICOH lenses, or as the sole accessory for your imaging sensor, it will help you ensure that operations, applications, and productions meet regulated standards and protocols. Contact us to learn more about this lens, and how it’s the right component for your industry needs.

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