PTZ Network Cameras-Canon’s VB-M42, VB-H43 and VB-M50B are New!

PTZ Network Cameras have just enlarged their families!

PTZ Network Cameras are high performance cameras, with an eye towards professional surveillance. They combining a high quality, color camera with the flexibility of remote, operator controlled PTZ operation.

Three new Canon PTZ Network Cameras have just been announced. The VB-M42 with 20x zoom, 1.3 Megapixel (Native 1280 x 960 Resolution), the VB-H43 with 20x Zoom, 2.1 Megapixel (Native 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution) and the VB-M50B with 5x Zoom, 1.3 million pixels (1280 x 960) with auto focus. All three cameras employ a 1/3” CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) primary color filter (red, green, and blue), and are progressive scan cameras.

Canon VB-M42 20x Zoom (1280x960) PTZ Network Cameras
Canon VB-M42 20x Zoom (1280×960) PTZ Network Cameras

Models VB-M42 and VB-H43 are quite similar to each other. Besides sharing the ability to be horizontally mounted, they are particularly adaptable to individual monitoring needs. Both excel in low light applications, and have smart shade control and auto gain control limit. Both the VB-H42 and VB-H43’s powerful DIGIC Net II Processor allows concurrent streaming of M-JPEG and H.264 codecs in multiple resolutions (1080p, 720p and 4:3 category video sizes), meeting multiple end-user needs, and lessening power consumption.

Their 20x optical zoom lens has a quick and particularly accurate Pan/Tilt mechanism that is able to seize detailed descriptions of objects even when they are in motion!

Similarities between models VB-M42 and VB-H43 continue with:

  • Custom Video Settings
  • On-Board Video Analytics and Versatile Functions
  • Multiple Networking Functions
  • ONVIF 2.2 / Profile S Conformant
  • Built-in SD Card Slot with Enhanced SD Card Functionality
  • Various Power Options (12 VDC, 24 VAC and PoE IEEE 802.3af)

    Canon-VB-H43 20x Zoom (1920x1080) PTZ Network Camera
    Canon-VB-H43 20x Zoom (1920×1080) PTZ Network Cameras

However, their individual differences include the fact that the VB-M42 has a native 1.3 Megapixel resolution (1280 x 960) imaging sensor, while the VB-H43 has a native 2.1 Megapixel resolution (1920 x 1080). Both have 20x optical (12x digital) zoom lens with auto focus, and prompt, defined Pan/Tilt mechanisms.

Arriving with the VB-M42 and VB-H43  PTZ Network Cameras are a power connector, a setup CD Rom, an installation guide and a warranty card.

PTZ Network Cameras; Enter the VB-M50B

The third, exceedingly sensitive VB-M50B PTZ Network Camera is equipped with a long-range, color 1/3″ CMOS (RGB) imaging sensor. Couple that with its On-Board Video Analytics, and one has a fast and precise PTZ surveillance camera, able to record video in sharp, high-quality 1.3MP resolution. Since images are guided through Canon’s DIGIC DV III Image Processor, each surveillance location is recorded with the utmost precision and clarity.

Canon VB-M50B 5x Zoom (1280x960) PTZ Network Camera
Canon VB-M50B 5x Zoom (1280×960) PTZ Network Cameras

The VB-M50B PTZ camera provides a generous aperture ratio range of F1.8 (W) – F2.4 (T) with a 1-1/16000 second shutter speed. Utilizing its Canon 5x optical zoom lens with auto focus, it acquires exceptional detail, even with full telephoto employed. This long-range optical zoom capability is facilitated by the camera’s “Tele” focal length of 88.5mm, and is comparable to Canon’s hardy VB-H43 model which offers 20X optical zoom. The VB-M50B’s Enhanced Digital Zoom allows the camera to increase its zoom abilities, replacing images within low resolution streams with cropped images from higher resolutions. This expands the camera’s magnification, and allows it to support powerful long-range monitoring while getting the most out of the image quality. Getting closer to the subject is the name of the game!

With its enhanced Clear IR Mode, even greater definition and detail is presented no matter what time of the day or night. With its superb low-light performance and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction, noise levels need not be an issue. The Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Area-Specific Data Size Reduction (ADSR), aid in decreasing data size, while preserving high image quality in important areas. The Aspherical and UD-distortion containment lens design avoids chromatic deviations and accomplishes clear, high-resolution images from any distance. Crime prevention and security surveillance are this camera’s true domain.

The VB-M50B has 64 preset camera positions with 5 preset tour routes. Surveillance options are increased with viewing and configuration, and the camera’s firmware is compatible with a wide range of web browsers and mobile devices. This camera can be set-up and can view the images that are being recorded all within a mobile setting.

The VB-M50B Network Camera comes with a set-up CD-ROM, a straight power connector, an L-shaped power connector, an installation guide and a warranty card.

These three new PTZ Network Cameras are the what’s in store for Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras! Powerful processors, precise Pan/Tilt mechanisms, awesome low light performance and commanding sophistication equal cameras that are intended to surveil and secure financial institutions, auditoriums and plazas.

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