The New Addition in PL-D Family: PL-D795 Camera by PixeLINK

PixeLINK is one of the leading industrial camera providers for microscopy and machine vision markets. Incorporating the latest technologies in their cameras, PixeLINK has position itself in the market place as a company offering the ultimate variety of USB 3.0, Sony IMX based, machine cameras. With a wide range of top quality cameras for different applications and industries already under its belt, the recently launched PL-D795 Camera is the newest addition in their PL-D family.

PL-D Family

This comprise of cameras with USB 3.0 which combines the advantages of USB 3.0’s higher speed with CMOS technology’s high frame rate. The PL-D family has inbuilt image pre-processing abilities which results in higher performance, reduced system load and an amazing quality of image. The customers have the option to select from 12 bit or 8 bit digitalization with a maximum of 70 dB dynamic range. These cameras have two outputs that are general purpose and external trigger hardware which enhances the flexibility of camera synchronization with customers’ illumination and processes.

What Makes PL-D795 Camera Special?

This camera is among the latest product solutions launched by PixeLINK that is aimed towards addressing the increasing demands high quality cameras but without the high rates that are typically associated with Sony IMX technology:

  • PL-D795 Camera is based on the latest global shutter CMOS Sony Pregious technology, specifically the Sony IMX264 sensor.
  • It includes external trigger, global shutters and comes in enclosed or board level configurations.
  • PL-D795 provides images of high resolution with low noise.
  • It offers 5 mp resolution camera, 70 dB dynamic range and the lens format of 2/3”.

This newly launched camera along with other models are targeted towards a wide market range, whether life science, machine or microscopy vision applications.

The Features

The outstanding features of PL-D795 camera are as follows:

  • Camera resolution is 5.01 MP (2448 x 2048)
  • Global Shutter CMOS technology
  • Region of interest is flexible (64 pixel H x 64 pixel W granularity)
  • 12 bit or 8 bit digitization
  • Image filters (callbacks)
  • Ability to rotate and flip the image
  • Decimation and Binning
  • Saturation option
  • While balance (Manual and Auto)
  • Programmable LUT
  • Exposure (Manual and Auto)
  • Enclosed level and board level models
  • Size is compact

The PL-D795, as well as other cameras in PL-D family, utilizes common API despite the interface chosen by the customers. This indicates that the developed software codes from one PL-D camera can be transferred easily to other models without the need to go through the process of recompiling. The overall integration of the camera is simplified and cost of the system is decreased. The ROI (Region of Interest) flexibility enables the customers to control high frame rates through the placement of lesser resolution ‘window’ at preferred location on the imager. This new addition to the family demonstrates the commitment of PixeLINK towards the market of USB 3.0 for industrial camera. For more information on PL-D795 camera or to place your order, feel free to contact Aegis Electronic Group,

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