The New Camera in the Spotlight – Watec WAT-910HX/J

Have you been looking for a surveillance camera, but haven’t been able to find one that meets all your needs? Are you still not able to find one that is stylish and provides the best results? Well, you are in luck because we are here with an answer.

Watec WAT-910HX/J is the camera of your future. And after reading the features and specifications of this camera, you will undoubtedly be convinced that you need to buy it right away.


The Product

Watec WAT-910HX/J is the perfect choice for you as it provides composite video output and also has an internal synchronizing system. It also gives you black light compensation and consumes just 1.38 watts of power.

Features and Specifications of Watec WAT-910HX/J

Watec WAT-910HX/J has a fantastic resolution of 570 TVL and pixels of 752 x 582. The shutter speed of this camera is effective and its weight makes it perfect for security and surveillance.

Watec WAT-910HX/J is an excellent choice for surveillance as it is highly sensitive to low lights and captures clear images. You will not have a problem with visibility when you are using Watec WAT-910HX/J. And the best part is Watec WAT-910HX/J will adjust to the view depending on the conditions of lights in that area.

Another feature that is highly appreciated by the users is that it has amazing 3D noise reduction qualities (3DNR).

The WAT-910HX/J provides a jog dial switch on-camera to control the on-screen display of this camera. Watec WAT-910HX/J is also very popular among security companies because it has a white blemish correction feature. And let’s not forget the digital wide dynamic range and motion detection feature of this camera.

Watec WAT-910HX/J also has a 1/2″ interline transfer CCD image sensor.

Applications of Watec WAT-910HX/J

You can use Watec WAT-910HX/J in multiple places. This camera is most popular in the fields of astrology and security.

Watec WAT-910HX/J is a dark field, an ultra-light camera, which allows it to capture light images even if the background around it is dark.

For both of these applications, you need a camera that can capture clear and top quality images and videos in dark light. And Watec WAT-910HX/J does just that.

The sensibility of Watec WAT-910HX/J allows it to be an asset for astrologers who capture videos of planets, stars, and meteorites.

Watec WAT-910HX/J is also the top choice security camera for businesses that need reliable surveillance equipment.

What’s in the box?

The camera will come with:

  • A lens cap
  • A hexagonal wrench
  • Iris connector
  • DC plug

Are you ready to purchase Watec WAT-910HX/J? You will not be disappointed with the performance of this camera. Your security surveillance will be far more superior when you are using Watec WAT-910HX/J.  Order it now and see for yourself. Watec WAT-910HX/J

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