Canon Network Cameras Debut Seven New Vandal-Resistant Models

Canon Network Cameras

Axis Communications is now partnering with USA Canon, by introducing seven new Canon Network Cameras to North America.  As an industry leading security solutions provider, Axis will now enhance its marketing and sales with this Canon association.

Network cameras not only enable the user to operate the camera, but they also record and upload video, and perform monitoring using the camera’s various intelligent functions. All seven models have HDTV (High Definition Television), and 1080p resolution in full frame rate. All seven cameras also have approximately 2.1 million effective pixels, and are progressive scan cameras.

Six of the seven models are ideal outdoor surveillance use, five are also vandal-resistant, and five are fixed cameras:

  • VB-H761LVE – outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed camera
  • VB-H760VE – outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed camera
  • VB-751LE – outdoor (not vandal-resistant) fixed camera
  • VB-651VE – outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed camera
  • VB-S30VE – outdoor, vandal-resistant (not fixed)
  • VB-S800VE – outdoor, vandal-resistant fixed camera

Only one model, the VB-S910F, is an indoor camera.

Outside Canon Network Cameras

As an outdoor, vandal and weather resistant fixed camera, the VB-H761LVE Canon network camera has powers of its own. This fixed bluet is one of three in the new Canon network camera series. Allowing subject matter to become seemingly next to you, its 20x optical zoom and Enhanced Digital Zoom steal the show. The Enhanced Digital Zoom replaces low-resolution pictures with cropped images, with increased  magnification equaling meticulously sharp imaging. With a 1/3″ CMOS (RGB) imaging sensor, this progressive scan has a rapid shutter speed of 1 – 1/16000 second. Now that’s quick!

VB-H761LVE 20x Zoom Outdoor Vandal Resistant Fixed Canon Network Camera
VB-H761LVE 20x Zoom Outdoor Vandal Resistant Fixed Camera

With built-in infrared illuminators, subjects are recognized at 0 lux up to a distance of 196 feet. With a pan angle range of 348° (±174°), tilt angle range of 90°, and rotation angle range of 360° (±180°) the camera is able to visually track its subjects easily. This 2.1 Megapixel resolution camera has three elements that assist in the lessening of bandwidth and storage space requirements – Enhanced Digital Zoom, Area-Specific Data Size Reduction and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction. Simple to install, low power consumption (20W), an AC power source and 10.4W with a PoE power source – what more could one ask for?

It can easily be ceiling or surface mounted, has its own built-in heater, and a camera body of 4.37 H x 4.02 W x 9.92 D inches (111 x 102 x 252 mm). When fully extended, the 7.54 pound (3420 g) camera is 17.91 inches (455 mm), an easily manageable size. And there’s more … its built-in infrared LED’s record sharp black and white imaging, despite extremely low light. Boom!

The second vandal and weather resistant, is the similar Canon VB-H760VE outdoor fixed bullet camera.  This model has a 20x optical zoom (1920 x 1080), ideal for long distance viewing, and, thanks to its 60.4° (W) horizontal field of view, it can identify subjects over a wide area. The VB-H760VE also has Enhanced Digital Zoom, Area-Specific Data Size Reduction and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction that assist with the reduction of bandwidth and storage requirement.

With a true Canon lens, it has an 20x optical zoom with auto focus, producing exceptional image clarity and flexibility.  With a 2.1 megapixel resolution high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, the VB-H760VE delivers video with superior detail. Like its counter-part, the VB-H761LVE, this fixed bullet camera maintains a fast shutter speed of 1 – 1/16000 second.

The VB-H751LE is the third outdoor fixed bullet network camera. With a 2.4 zoom capability (electric drive), 4x digital zoom, and thanks to its built-in infrared illumination, it can ‘see’ in total darkness up to a distance of 98 feet. Having an IP66 rating, it is able to resist all water and dust that comes its way, and also has a NEMA250 Type 4X certification for frost and corrosion resistance. Incorporating a built-in heater, the Canon VB-H751LE camera can function perfectly in temperatures down to -58°F. Its genuine Canon wide-angle lens has a wide 124.3° range, allowing this 2.1 Megapixel Resolution High-Sensitivity 1/3” CMOS (RGB) imaging sensor to produce clear, precise imaging. Image stabilization diminishes any imaging vibration motion blur. The VB-H751LE features Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction which increases clarity in low-light applications and area-specific data size reduction reducing bandwidth consumption.

VB-H751LE 4x Zoom (1920x1080) Infrared Outdoor Fixed Bullet Canon Network Camera
VB-H751LE 4x Zoom (1920×1080) Infrared Outdoor Fixed Bullet Camera

It is 4.37 H x 4.02 W x 8.43 D inches (111 x 102 x 214 mm) for the camera body only, and is 15.83 inches (D) (402 mm) when fully extended. With the ability to be surface or ceiling mounted, it is ideal for  surveillance of critical infrastructures, the monitoring of warehouses and industrial buildings, auditoriums, financial institutions.

 Fixed Dome Canon Network Cameras

A new outdoor fixed dome network camera, the VB-H651VE is both weather and vandal-resistant (IK10 rated for impact Resistance). With Pan-Tilt-Rotate-Zoom (PTRZ) operation, simplified post-installation fine-tuning of the PTRZ positions is possible. Meant for larger venues, the VB-H651VE has an ultra-wide 122.1° wide-angle lens for the utmost in visual coverage. This camera is able to bring image clarity to low-lit outdoor areas with its 2.1 megapixel resolution, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, a 2.4x (1920 x 1080) optical zoom lens and 4x digital zoom. It also has an automatically removable infrared-cut filter.

VB-H651VE 2.4x Zoom (1920x1080) Vandal Resistant Outdoor Fixed Dome Canon Network Camera
VB-H651VE 2.4x Zoom (1920×1080) Vandal Resistant Outdoor Fixed Dome Camera

The camera can be ceiling or surface mounted, has an optional heater as well, and with the elective heater, it’s operating temperature range is expanded to -40°F – +131°F. Lightweight at 3.77 pounds (1710 g), it installs easily, utilizes low power consumption (approximately 8.9W with POE) with decreased bandwidth and storage space prerequisites. Plazas, lobbies, commercial, retail and banking institutions are its perfect areas of secure surveillance.

A brand-new Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) fixed micro dome camera, theVB-S800VE is the fifth newcomer in this series of Canon network cameras. With an IP66 rating for water and dust resistance, it is also IK10 rated for endurance against impact, making it the perfect choice for monitoring harsh outdoor environments. This full high definition (1920 x 1080) dome camera delivers video with exceptional clarity and color accuracy in challenging outdoor environments. With a moisture release system, video distortion due to a surplus of moisture just doesn’t happen.

Its pan angle range is 350° (±175°), tilt angle range is 90° (ceiling-mounted position: -90° – 0°), and a rotation angle range of 180° (±90°), this camera can watch everything that is happening. Its ability to modify its viewing angle and zoom-in on possible problems, only increases its usefulness. With the ability to be ceiling or wall mountable, this micro dome network camera also has 20 preset available positions.

VB-S800VE 4x Zoom (1920x1080) Vandal Resistant Outdoor Fixed Micro Dome Canon Network Camera
VB-S800VE 4x Zoom (1920×1080) Vandal Resistant Outdoor Fixed Micro Dome Camera

The VB-S800VE has a 3.5x optical zoom lens with auto focus and 4x digital zoom. With a built-in microphone complimenting its PTZ competence, it is able to record audio at the installation site. It also includes outstanding low-light capability down to 0.5 lux in color and 0.3 lux in monochrome. The VB-S800VE mini dome camera also maintains an advanced DIGIC DV III image processor which benefits maximize image quality and color accuracy. With its motion adaptive noise reduction, to Increase Video Clarity in Low-Light Conditions is increased, as is a reduction in bandwidth consumption

Discretion is its middle name when it comes to surveilling financial institutions, warehouses and retail spaces ~ out of sight, out of mind, thanks to its small compact form. Inconspicuous, it can observe without being seen, a necessity trait for observing banking institutions, retail environments and educational surroundings.

The final model in the new Canon Network Camera collection is the VB-S910F. With a 3.5x Zoom (1920 x 1080), this  fixed micro box network camera is the only indoor, compact fixed camera in the new collection. With a 3.5x optical zoom with auto focus, 4x digital zoom and built-in microphone, this camera is similarly intended for discreet, accurate monitoring of indoor educational facilities, banking establishments and retail spaces.

VB-S910F 3.5x Zoom (1920 x 1080) Fixed Micro Box Canon Network Camera
VB-S910F 3.5x Zoom (1920 x 1080) Fixed Micro Box Camera

The Canon VB-S910F micro box camera has a 1/4.85″ CMOS (RGB) image sensor and DIGIC DV III imaging processor, all work together to deliver images with remarkable clarity and color accuracy. With a built-in microphone, audio recording immediately takes place at the installation site. Full high definition imaging, the VB-S910F box camera also has intelligent on-board analytics functions for advanced alarm detection. The operator is able to have live monitoring and management from a broad range of web browsers and mobile devices.

While particularly lightweight (0.4 oz.), and minute 2.13 H x 1.26 W x 4.61 D inches (54 x 32 x 117 mm) in size, it is able to practically disappear upon installation. With a low power consumption (maximum 4.8W over PoE) it also includes decreased bandwidth and storage space consumption possible with the Area-Specific Data Size Reduction and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction features.

Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. is stocking these new Cannon Network Cameras for immediate sale.  Staffed with technical experts, Aegis will see that you select the correct camera for every application!

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