The ABC’s of Sony’s SRG PTZ Camera Line-Up

A rats’ nest. Ever wonder why pan tilt zoom cameras require so much infrastructure, expensive servers, and the temperament to twiddle with cables persistently? Sony asked this exact question and developed their outstanding SRG line-up to solve the problem. The SRG line-up includes these three stellar models, the SRG-360SHE (SRG360SHE), the SRG-300H (SRG300H), and the SRG-300SE (SRG300SE). Exceptional picture quality, seamless camera control, quiet panning and tilting, a strong reputation and a wide variety of outputs and zoom levels are just a few of the features that sets Sony’s suite of Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras apart from the competition. If you are reaching peak exhaustion levels dealing with subpar pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras, keep reading and get a closer look at Sony’s SRG line-up.


The three cameras gather functionality and simplicity into aesthetically pleasing packages that make a broadcast, corporate presentations, webcasts, and live streaming simple task compared to operating conventional pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras. Conventional PTZ cameras require local power as well as having cable length limits, multiple individual cables, cable routing issues, and issues with the size of cable connectors. The SRG line-up allows for minimal time and minimal effort because the cameras reduce overall infrastructure and expensive servers by enabling the devices to do most of the work on their own.

The SRG-360SHE Full HD Remote POE+ PTZ Network Camera, the SRG-300H Full High Definition PTZ Camera, and the SRG-300SE 30x Optical Zoom 3G-SDI & Live IP Streaming PTZ Ethernet Camera provide frame filling detailed close-ups. Responsive autofocus guarantees that images stay clear and sharp through the entire field of view and zoom range. The three cameras each support 65 degrees viewing angles, minimum illumination of 1.4lx, IP Control, VISCA Command Protocols, and are ceiling and desktop mountable. Additional similar features of the three cameras include focal lengths of f=4.3mm (wide) to 129 mm (Tele), one-push auto white balance, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and S/N Ratio of 50dB.

The subtle differences in the cameras are pan and tilt angle speeds, preset positions, audio inputs, and IP streaming. The SRG-360SHE pan angle speed is plus or minus 170 degrees and has a speed of 60 degrees per second, with a tilt angle speed plus 90 degrees/minus 30 degrees and a speed of 60 degrees per second. The SRG-300H and SRG-300SE pan angle speeds are plus or minus 170 degrees and have speeds of 100 degrees per second, with tilt angle speeds set at plus 90 degrees/minus 20 degrees and speeds set at 90 degrees per second. The SRG-360SHE and the SRG-300SE both have 256 preset positions compared to the SRG-300H, which has 16 preset positions. Two microphone lines are included on the SRG-360SHE, one microphone line is included on the SRG-300SE, and the SRG-300H is not built with an audio input. Consider the audio inputs and your needs when making your camera purchase. IP streaming is becoming an integral part in the dissemination of information, and both the SRG-360SHE and SRG-300SE are capable of IP streaming. The SRG-360SHE has a 3G-SDI/HDMI video output; the SRG-300SE has 3G-SDI as well as being HD-SDI compatible, and the SRG-300H has HDMI only video output.

Now that we have taken a look at some features and specs of the cameras, it is time to put each one into various applications. The “Sony Product Detail Page” (2017) states the SRG-360SHE is designed to serve the needs of classrooms, courtrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship and any other settings where full HD visual communications are crucial. The SRG-300H is ideal for house of worship, videoconferencing, distance learning, entertainment/seminar venues and remote monitoring of small to medium sized rooms. The SRG-300SE is suitable for medium to large venues such as lecture halls, auditoriums, houses of worship, and stadiums.

Stadiums are often open-air megaplexes that need yearly maintenance. To protect your outdoor camera setups, incorporate the Sony BRC-SDP Series. The Sony BRC-SDP series are domes that protect your outdoor cameras from vandalism, harsh weather, and condensation. The SRG series encompass powerful tools for several applications. Protect that power with the BRC-SDP series of domes.


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-Jason Jones



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