A “Focus” On Flexibility

For more than 40 years, Computar® has been the world leader in optics across industries including intelligent traffic systems, machine vision, defense, security and life sciences (“About Computar”, 2017). Computar achieves longevity by providing high-quality optic products developed through Japanese engineering. The latest series of optic products are the MPY Series lenses. The MPY Series combines high-performance optics with a variety of common focal lengths for maximum application flexibility. The series includes the lenses V0828-MPY, V1228-MPY, V1628-MPY, V2528-MPY, V3528-MPY, and the V5028-MPY.

The MPY Series includes 12 Megapixel, C-Mount, smallest format lens for > 10MP lens in the industry, F 2.8, 3.45µm pixel size, and an Image circle of Ø17. However, the difference appears in the fixed lenses that vary from the V0828-MPY (8mm) to the V5028-MPY (50mm). The lenses are compact, lightweight, and easily mountable. There are a variety of Computar lenses and products to choose from at http://www.aegis-elec.com/view-by-category/computar.html.

The MPY Series functions excellently in several applications. As mentioned before, the flexibility of the line benefits end-users many different ways. For instance, all the complexities of intelligence traffic systems (ITS) require several different lenses to accomplish the task. Considering ITS requires constant communication between car, driver, pedestrians, public transportation, and the system itself, the MPY Series is the perfect solution. Every layer of ITS operation requires lenses to capture up-to-the-minute traffic conditions. The information gathered is then applied to streamline road conditions, modifying signal policies and rerouting drivers to prevent congestions. The self-adaptive system seems like a thing of the future, but Computar and their MPY Series of lenses are bringing that future a step closer.

Moving a step close may be a requirement for some applications. Defense and security applications require clear images for the purpose of identifying threats. The V5028-MPY (50mm) is capable of getting minute details of people, places, and or things. In the defense and security industries getting the small details prevent further instances of petty theft or a terrorist attack. The wide-ranging capabilities of the MPY Series continue a long history of ingenuity at Computar.

Time tested techniques give Computar an edge among competitors in the optics market. The MPY Series flexibility provides everything needed for different applications within or out of the same system. The “Camera Experts” at Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. have the knowledge and the know how to guide the end-user in choosing an MPY Series lens. Call us today at (888)687-6877 to find out more information about Computar products and the MPY Series.

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